l discuss well, to another night temporary stay. Huai Wang and An Yuan Hou were sent back to the city to send letters. Jiang Junlang not happy, Huai Wang His Royal Highness, you still go back. If you do not return, your majesty would not worry about it Huai Wang No, my father often said, Amazon Certification good man in the Quartet. Jiang Junlang thought. do not know Huai Wang tonight is not back to Amazon it exam the palace and a good man in the Quartet What is the relationship. Everyone went to Jiang Junlang other homes. This is an excellent view of the hospital, there are mountains and water, as well as hot springs, everyone is tired, bathed in clothes, spent dinner, each rest. Jiang Hui from the urine did not leave the Feng Lan, then a few months, mother Amazon and daughter kissing the two together, there is endless words. Du Long sitting at the table, to A to do a small wooden sword. Arrow usually this time she should sleep, then excited to run around the house, while ran to Feng Lan and. Jiang Hui in front of spoiled, while ran to Du Long in front of the progress of small wooden sword, very happy very happy. Mother, you are really back to escape this time. Jiang Hu remembered this matter, but also a lingering fear. Feng Lan stroking Jiang H

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