of laughter, So that the car s Jinxiu also seems to return to that period of green years. really good ah Jinxiu could not help but exclaimed. Steven glanced Jinxiu one, IBM Certification smiled and IBM Certified Analyst said This is the charm of the University, was ful.l of vitality Yes ah, not only dynamic, and particularly open. Jinxiu sharp eyes, where a group of female college students are not afraid of the harsh weather, wearing a shot of the graduation photo, so that Jinxiu could not help but lament the rice is open ah Car in the campus quickly passing, and finally in the The courtyard back door to stop, worthy of the South Canada s auditorium, this building is simply an art.Jinxiu could not help but sigh, across the way can hear the main entrance of the collection of graduates noisy discussion sound, but also did not More tense what, followed by Steven director went into the hall.Two people just entered the hall., there is a bearded white, with a pair of glasses, covered with cursive old man face with a warm smile walked past. Oh Steven, you guys really IBM Certified Analyst it exam have not come for a long time. Ha ha ha Marx The Steven is very familiar with the old man, the two laughed and embraced, then the two separate, Steven explained This is the guests of the. Jinxiu obviously see the eyes of the old man eyes bright, smiling looked at their own, can not help but quickly reach out Hello, I am the gold Then finished, the old man waved and said I Know, now you are in the

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C2170-051 IBM i2 Analyst's Notebook V8.9 IBM IBM Certified Analyst
CUR-051 IBM i2 Analyst's Notebook V8.9 IBM IBM Certified Analyst