om behind Yu Jingyao out, took the wooden box. Yu Jingyao surprised look back, heart suddenly a tight. I received for the prince Princess. Shen Yanqin smiled and said it opened the wooden box. Yu Jingyao down a breath of breath. This soft whip of the texture of her most clear, good treasures, if n. ot deep and thick, simply pulling constantly. Shen Yanqin looked at the hands of the whip eyebrows smile, said This whip is not how the case, how to get the landlord hand shot, do not blame the prince do not charge. Well, the whip to the embarrassed Lu Mian hand In a plug, pulling the face of the puzzled Yu Jingyao turned to leave. Get on the car Shixi in his two behind a call. Shen Yanqin meal, looked back at him for a moment. Needless to say, said Shen Yanqin dismounted the troika on the horse. He first Yu Jingyao hold the horse, then he jumped on, back to leave, leaving a group of dumbfounded people, the horse IBM Certification went away. Two silence all the way, Yu Jingyao thoughts restless, she had something to say, I do IBM Certified Expert it exam not know how to speak. After all, to IBM Certified Expert say something related to last night, if a mouth, would not have admitted to track him Shen Yanqin has a gentle side, there are cruel side, just do not know, until he found the truth. whic

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C4120-785 IBM PureFlex Sales Expert V1 IBM IBM Certified Expert