light of the patients, are. here for treatment. Yan Ming deep came a few steps, has been two doctors eyeing, immediately approached. Sir, what do you have The doctor looked up and down Yan Ming deep, that he is not the person into the clinic, not help from the eyes of vigilance. Yan Ming deep glanced at them a glance, concise opening. Six years ago, there is a patient called Du Huanwei. Her information to me that year to see. Doctor erect surprised, it looks like there is an impression, surprised to see Yan Ming deep I ask, where are you This is the patient s privacy, we you here, now is the name of the right place. Yan Ming deep look cold need him to call you Ten minutes later, To the hands of Yan Ming IBM Certified Solution Developer Certification it exam deep. His hand was some trembling. Stabilized several ups and downs of the emotions, Yan Ming deep to open IBM Certified Solution Developer Certification the information, text and pictures immediately as hot red iron into his IBM Certification retina. Stab wounds, sticks, and gunshot wounds. Every scar, he is fresh in his memory. He touched and kissed. it. More with these ugly scars satire, f

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