top gods, not help is very warm. Although even if there is an ordinary monarch came to his empty mountain, he will receive it, but the ordinary gods, he is not how warm. And treat him with the top of the gods, he will naturally be a lot of enthusiasm. Under the snow. Linhai self reported home. The original is the snow God Shen Jun, I do not know Fei Xue Shen Jun come to me how to do it , Lost the main mountain smiling. Lin Hai rubbed his eyes, lightly just passing here, in fact, I want to go to the island of God Linhai and lost the mountain owners chatted a few words, then went to the god of the island. From the fall of the main IBM Certified Solution Developer Certification mountain here, Lin Hai know three hundred years later, the island will be a god on the island of the sea market, when, in all. directions, many of the ancient sovereign sovereign, the ancient mountains of the mountain, some ancient kingdom and so on IBM Certification God Jun strong, and countless gods will come to God on the island to go to the market. When the god of the island will be extremely lively. The last time the sea market, to the god of the island of the king of the number of the king reached ten thousand thousand Like the Northern Monthly Chamber of Commerce, Vulcan Chamber of Commerce, these IBM Certified Solution Developer Certification it exam large chambers of commerce have begun to prepare the goods when the sea market. At that time, these big businessmen will be able to make a

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