x method, Lin Hai on some powerless. Really bad Lin Hai look bitter melon color, feeling irritable. After a long period of time, he was calm. Take a deep breath and keep your mind quiet. That is, at this time, his body suddenly mutated, I saw the origin of a sudden suck, his space to the heart of the inhalation of the heart. Space God fell into the origin of the thousands of matrix method, has become one hundred thousand matrix method. of God to the core. Suddenly, a seat immortal array began to automatically merge. This fusion of the speed of fast, blink of an eye, all the array of magic array. World level matrix method formed. World level array method is not a simple matrix method, its appearance is a simple world. This is the Lin first moment of silence, followed by laughing, happy and said Ha ha, I understand, Wan Road homologous FIGHTING ultimate battle formation is a world class world is IBM PureFlex Systems a world Lin Consciousness in the matrix world IBM Certification wandering, look at every corner of the world, saw the world filled with fog, with a section of the time and space corridors, these time and space corridors intertwined, like a maze. This is a world class matrix used to break the enemy. It is estimated that the king of heaven to see this piece of natural IBM PureFlex Systems it exam maze, the heart

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C2130-784 IBM PureFlex Technical Expert V1 IBM IBM PureFlex Systems