Lin Hai from the big fish magic lo. oked out, see the whole chaos of the oval sector. IBM Certification Oval shaped chaos sector, the four major circles, such as monster suspended. In addition, there are huge eaves, the sun star, and many mortal world community. The chaos is like an egg of egg yolk with a lot of different sizes. Four circles, many mortal world community, the sun is the yolk sun. And the power of the power of the world is full of egg white. And in this oval shaped big egg outside, is the ancient chaos. Ancient chaos is like a vast expanse of the sea, a block of chaos is the sea in the reef. Creatures just standing on the rocks will not drown. Even if the king must rely on the community in the chaotic community to survive chaos sector, mainly divided into egg yolk, egg white two parts Although a large number of egg yolk, can occupy only one percent of the region The vast majority of the areas within the. IBM Storage it exam chaos are egg white. Egg white is naturally filled with the power of the world of the void. Nether is vast, vast expanse. Personally exposure to the mighty void, in order to feel the life of the small, and the world s stalwart. Big fish magic from the mountain IBM Storage sea drilling out, such as fish into the sea, wantonly flying in the vast void, the speed of thei

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000-115 Storage Sales V2 IBM IBM Storage
000-118 Midrange Storage Technical Support V2 IBM IBM Storage
000-119 Enterprise Storage Technical Support V2 IBM IBM Storage