ouble, but trouble to provoke him, he is not a fear of people. A I 361 people do not make me I do not prison.ers, people who commit me though often punish This is Lin Fan s creed. , the fifteenth chapter of the weirdo Ye Kexin Lin Fan in the words after listening to, not only did not peace of mind down, but more worried about. She is now worried about the safety of Lin Fan, she did not know why Lin Fan provoke such an opponent, she simply called Lin Fan to IBM System z it exam the police inside the report, so that the police to protect Lin Fan, Lin Fan heard her words will almost laugh stand up. Own a day to let a large group of police follow that like what, but also do not want to live, and see Ye Kexin so worried, Lin Fan said Well, I first sent you home, where the matter to the flood Secretary to IBM System z deal with it. Ye Kexin hesitated, thought but eventually agreed, and Lin Fan gave the Secretary made a call, the Secretary nodded his head, let him be careful on the road. When Lin Fan Jia Ye Xin sent home inside to go, he let Ye Kexin seems to.rest, he also opened a pair of soothe the nerves to Ye Kexin, he personally see Ye Kexin will soup to drink, Lin Fan, who fell asleep after this IBM Certification assured to leave, no matter how that Ye Kexin has also been safe, and Lin where the heart was a sigh of relief. How to deal with Yang Tianhua later Think of here, Lin Fan head is a first two big, regardless of him, the water to soil cover, soldiers to block, see strokes move it. And at this time, Lin Fa

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