pa s granddaughter, but also have a better image Su Ying turned to be ready to get out of this small group, she had enough How also like now dumb eat berberine, bitter can not tell. Not only into the high school reputation on the stink, but also by the previous play with a good playmate Zhang Chenzhou to misun. derstanding, and afterwards Wenqiu also so anxiously went to the big office to find Chenzhou, mouth so clumsy to help him speak. This time so that two people have a chance to re test in the office, and now, Wenqiu certainly more reluctant to see her and her talk Su Yinggang PMP it exam step out, I saw two people outside the door holding PMP the work side by side Walk from the front of their second class. One of the high thin paralysis of the boy and even help the petite girl next to hold half of the operation of this, the two have said laughing, so that the direction of Su Yin. g could not take a few steps away. Although Yin Wenqiu used to face a face paralyzed, but living together for more than a decade of Su Ying or see, Yin Wenqiu very happy heart, his face is so gentle expression. Let her miss the infinite, if she had not because of the test poor, and was home after a meal after anger Wenqiu like, if she did not take the bottle to drop the autumn and autumn like, if she had a little early sincere apology before she always thought that autumn and autumn against everyone is a face paralysis of this face, PMI Certification indiffer

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PMP Project Management Professional PMI PMP